Photos courtesy of: Nettie Wasowski Photography.

Wicker Park Street Fest

Wicker Park Fest has consistently been ranked as one of the top Chicago street fests.  Located on Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park, this huge festival caters to young and old alike with cutting edge performances, high-quality food and beverages, a kid’s area benefiting local schools and a truly unique selection of retail vendors, reflecting the eclectic neighborhood.

One of the biggest challenges with this festival is that the location is in the heart of a very, very busy area.  It’s no small feat to shut down a major traffic artery, install 3 stages, the event’s electrical grid, 12 food vendors and over 120 retail vendors in under 12 hours.

By 2012, Wicker Park Fest had outgrown its footprint – too many people, not enough space. To alleviate this, the event expanded by almost 50%.  With the expanded footprint, the 70,000+ attendees have more breathing room and it provides a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Criterion has been proud partner of Wicker Park Fest since 2010.

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