Don't be fooled by claims that a colorful illustrated or GIS map will suffice. These types of maps are great for educating the public about the general layout. But if you need to know if a 40x60 tent will fit between the light poles or how many exhibit booths can fit between aisles, they are completely useless. Only CAD maps are truly to scale and easily adjustable.

When it comes time for permitting, our maps are well-known by the Chicago special event governing body, the Mayor's Office of Special Events, because they hyper-accurately show what the event is going to look like. Our maps give your event that professional polish that every one appreciates.

We have an extensive library of CAD maps of the most popular locations for mid to large-scale public events, which greatly reduces drafting time and lowers the cost. And if we don't have it, we can generate it.

Our founder completely revamped our generated maps for the following locations or events. Click on the buttons below for low-resolution examples.