The Logan Square area has long hosted a rich and vibrant artist community and the Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest. When we were brought into the festival, the fest itself was going through transition - the vacant storefronts on Milwaukee Ave were being rented so the pop-up gallery space was getting limited and the overall length of the festival was virtually unmanageable and didn't have a cohesive feel; the non-contiguous event footprint extended over a mile.

In 2013 the project was faced with no remaining vacant storefronts for gallery space and the costs to prep the monument circle were high. After long discussion, the decision was made to move the festival onto Milwaukee Ave from the Circle to Diversey. This simplified the operations of the festival significantly and the 2013 year was a success - the disconnected feel of the event disappeared in the denser configuration, the event had more of a community feel. It was no longer stretched too thinly, it was full of artsy goodness drawing over 25,000 people.

A 2015 ground-up reconceptualization breathed new life into the festival and reestablished it as a strong locally focused arts festival.

More information about logan Square Arts Festival can be found here.