Events can have a sizable carbon-footprint. This fest, more than any other in Chicago, strives to reduce the environmental impact that a busy street fest can have as well as educate the public about new ways to go "green."

The blending of all the elements that have made events successful with the new green technology available to consumers and industry makes this festival unique and interesting in the Chicago event landscape. The use of the most eco-friendly products, bio-diesel generators, biodegradable cups, compostable food service materials, free bike valet and much more make this the "greenest" festival in Chicago.

Along with our roles in planning, operations, logistics and vendor recruiting, we sift through the suppliers of green materials to determine which ones actually have an impact and function the way they're supposed to. This is a larger job than it sounds like - there are a lot of great ideas out there that don't work out in practice or are simply not market-ready. Criterion has provided planning, management and logistical support for the Green Music Festival since 2010. More information about the Green Music Fest can be found here.