The Christkindlmarket Chicago is indeed "the largest and most renowned German winter holiday market in the United States." For years, it has been the only non-European market to routinely be included in various "World's Best Christmas Markets" lists which showcase the world's biggest and best Christmas markets. We often hear from German nationals that they prefer Chicago's version; "it's not as crowded" is the common refrain.

From just before Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Eve, over 50 local and international vendors sell their wares from authentic German cabins modelled after the original market in Nuremburg, Germany. Well over 1,000,000 visitors from around the world flock to Chicago every year to enjoy the activities, performances, shop and savor German food and drink.

2016 marks Criterion’s 10-year anniversary with the project and it’s founder’s 14th

Criterion provides for the Market:

MANAGEMENT: We assist in overall planning, produce the site plan and master production schedule for the market and coordinate Market operations with City departments, facility management and other infrastructure vendors.


Event installation and teardown (it sounds so simple, right?).

We coordinate maintenance that is required on the cabins and the shipping and storage of the market materials.

Consultation on design and construction of new cabins.

Security and alcohol containment.

Criterion has provided these services since 2007. We are also proud to be a Presenting Sponsor of the Christkindlmarket Chicago.

For more information about the Christkindlmarket Chicago, click here.